Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bento#July13~Kawaii Doll Kyaraben

Today you will be reading my 300th post! Yes!! Is 300th posts that I can't believed it had reached the blog milestones. I started blogging as journey to kept sweet memories as a diary for my children after started making bento in year 2010 month of August. But I started to blog in year 2012 also in month of August ^_^ 
Thank you so much for my followers and readers! I've learned so much and met many expert bento bloggers from here. You all were the best!
So here is my last night kyaraben dinner for myself ^_^ My daughter can't wait for me after she smell and saw all the dishes already cooked. Haha...end up the dinner bento belongs to ME!
Well, I followed the image from the kawaii girl bento box but slightly made some changes by adding hairband and holds Hello Kitty as pillow :p
A closer looked of the Kawaii Doll & Hello Kitty
Kawaii Doll Kyaraben : Tomato ketchup mixed with rice use cling wrap to shaped and freehand cut out nori for details.
Hello Kitty as pillow : Fishball but already in oval shape. Punch out nori for details and eggsheet for nose.
Stir-fried spinach with fishballs (I took it to made Kitty), breadcrumb prawn and tamagoyaki wit nori. Apricot, strawberry, grape and cherry tomato at another food cup. Sweet corn soup was last night dinner but the bento box wasn't enough room for me to add so I just extract the sweet corn and decorate as flower to the spinach ^_^ The middle flower was carrot (from the soup).
Kawaii Doll Kyaraben
Underneath the Hello Kitty rice was mixed with pink furikake and decorate flowers as blanket. The yellow flowers, I used flower cutter to cut the eggsheet. To made it nicer, I add red food picks and cucumber as leaves plus carrots for orange touch ^_^
I hope you will like this Kawaii Doll Kyaraben. I liked this pretty bento box that my sister helped me bought from Osaka. For your information, I saw Bento & Co. have similar design "Matryoshka Bento" and now their website extended the sale EVERYTHING 20% OFF by entering the code to received the discount ^_^ So tempting.......and I've placed my ordered!! If you like to see more of their awesome bento boxes etc. Click HERE!! Happy Shopping & Cheers! 


  1. wow, you have made so many bentos :-) :-) !! Congrats on your 300th bento :-) . I have the same bento box but in purple, I've not had the chance to use it though, I should soon ^^.

    1. Yes, I started in year 2010 but only started to blog in 2012 :p Thanks dear for visiting my blog and I'm so honored to hear from you! Your bento creations were truly amazing!

      Looking forward to see your purple bento box creation!

  2. I love this, so adorable! Impressive job with 300 posts!

    1. Thank you so much!! Happy that you love this bento ^_^

  3. COngrats on your 300 post!! beautiful bento

  4. Congrats Karen! N such a lovely bento with beautiful details always. :)

  5. So pretty! Congrats on 300 posts!


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