Friday, 12 July 2013

Bento#July12~Lion Sandwiches Bento

Yesterday at Facebook saw Rie's Bento and Cooking fan page posted sandwiches bento. Very good ideas of using cling wrap to wrap the sandwich and tie with pretty ribbons. I'm sure most of you already well known her awesome bento works! So here is my kids school bento snack, inspired by Rie. I made "Lion Sandwiches" with eggs, mayonnaise, tomato and cucumber (balance of the salad at the side food cup). I used flower cutter (2 different sizes) to made the sandwiches after adding the egg salad. On top of the sandwich, I made "Lion" eggsheet, nori and smoked ham. I also add sweet pea for some green touch :)
Apricot and strawberry as well as the balance egg salad mayonnaise with honey cherr tomato roses and cucumber leaves ^_^
I hope you will this "Lion Sandwiches Bento" and I'm looking forward for the weekend ^_^ morning wake up call etc.... Cheers!


  1. Your bento is always so inspiring! I love the lion's expression. Cute! My kids will love to eat this bento. :)

    1. aww....I'm so touched dear ^_^ Received message from you means a lot to me! Thank you for loving the lion's expression as I did find it hard to wrap due to the face features will moved (even I've added nori with mayo)


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