Monday, 22 July 2013

Bento#July22~Sleepy Piggy Sushi Lunch

~Piggy Sushi~
 It's my kids school one month holidays ^_^ I woke up late today, don't have to wake up early to make bento for them so I can sleep longer......aww.... how nice :) Well, today I'm at home with my kids so I thought of making sushi for lunch! My daughter give me a helping hand while I can take some pictures of it. So why piggy sushi?? Hmm...because mummy can sleep longer even though the sun already bright and shine!!! Haha....
~Piggy Sushi tutorial~
Here is the simple "Piggy Sushi" tutorial pictures. Sorry for the low quality photo takings =_=" Looks like I need to learn photography too!! For more details, please click HERE
A closer look of the piggy sushi ^_^ This piggy sushi ideas from a Japanese sushi book. My 1st attempt making and still find it difficult to rolled =_=" Since at home so I arranged it on the plate and just add some decoration. Sleepy piggy sushi with a sunny up egg plus few flowers food art.
Well, do you like it? I hope you will ^_^ I tried to take few more pictures for better angle but my kids can't wait to eat their lunch. So, I need to make more for them....haha...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks dear Shirley ^_^ Will practice more :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I'm already thinking of making it... :D

    1. My pleasure to share ^_^ Looking forward to your piggy sushi :)


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