Monday, 20 May 2013

Bento#May20~Mickey & Minnie Mouse Lunch Bento

 Hello everyone! How's your weekend? As for me, I went to Singapore for shopping with my daughter and hubby bring my son to visit the Navy Open House. I bought new bento tools and mostly Hello Kitty :p Well, today I'm going to use my new Mickey food picks for my kids lunch :)
 Today's lunch bento very simple! I want to use the Mickey/Minnie nori packet that my sister gave me ^_^ So just made onigiri and paste nori on top! Top pink bento box is for my daughter and the bottom white bento box is for my son. Actually pretty easy to see which  bento box belongs to who! Hahaha....
Here is my daughter's lunch bento "Minnie Mouse" onigiri that I used star shape rice mold to shape it. Add nori at side & Minnie nori on top. Side dishes I put crabroll, kamaboko, sweet pea, carrots and spring roll. Leave pasta and Mickey picks for decoration.
 Same ingredients but I changed the nori to Mickey Mouse. Cut some kiwi fruits and grapes. I hope you will like this simple idea of today's lunch. Cheers! 
Here were the Mickey/Minnie Seaweed packets as well Pooh Bear Seaweed packets that my sister gave it to me when she went to Japan Disneyland trips. Thank you so much dearest sis <3
This is the Mickey food picks that I bought it from Singapore ^_^ 


  1. Hey your friend in instagram @guritno88 from indonesia.. your blog was aweaome....maybe the best in asia/ it....nice to find your blog and nice for tips n info... i wanna make blog but have no time to organize it he he....

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for your kind comments! You can slowly try out to create ur own blog and I'm sure slowly you will get the hang of it ^_^ Let me know when you start your blog and I will be your followers :)


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