Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bento#Feb26~Chirping Birds

Today's lunch will be noodles ^_^ I boiled green tea noodles and spaghetti. After done soaked to cold water then rinse. Combine the noodles and mixed with Japanese sauce and I took some to taste it. I don't give my children strong flavor and my kids quite a good eater whatever foods I prepared. So pretty much easy for me and lucky!! next, I add the noodles to silicon cup and arranged into bento box. Deco some lettuce and broccoli to covered the empty space :p Next will be the "Chirping Birds" To look at it also looks like chicken ^_^ What you think?
This is female bird that I rolled chicken ham with cheese. Used leave cutter to cut the wings and add in nori for face expression. The feet also used cutter to cut out the chicken ham. Lastly, I add pink pick for it!
This is male bird and repeat all the steps. Normally I will do all the body and lay on top of the noodles then final touched add in nori and picks! 
Other sides will be yam pau, fried potato prawn, ribbon pasta, apples and grapes. Hope you will like today's lunch bento! Happy bento-ing to those who had been making bento for their loved ones at home. Cheers!  

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