Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bento#Feb17~Sesame Street Bert & Ernie

Let's meet Sesame Street character~Bert & Ernie~ Since I have done Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird before. Now can try out Bert and Ernie ^_^
I used the skin corn bread for Ernie face and nose. Crab stick for eyes and mouth.Freehand cut the nori for Ernie's hair and mouth. Small eyeballs used puncher to punch nori.
As for Bert, I used the corn bread for face and palm. Freehand cut the nori for hair (stick onto cheese and trace out using toothpick), mouth and eyebrows. Stick the crab stick to nori mouth. Used circle cutter to cut out white bread for eye balls and shirt colar. Freehand cut small cocoa bread for Bert shirt.
Some homebaked pineapple tarts. Honey cherry tomato and grapes. After done photo takings, my girl asked me where is Elmo? Gosh....looks like she wants the whole sesame street characters in her bento box ^_^ Cheers!


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