Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bento#Feb16~Hello Kitty & Piano The Sheep

My daughter requested mini man-tou last night. I wanted to change few mini man-tou into animals but need more time to deco individual man-tou so better stick to the easier one~Hello Kitty. Haha....
I cooked fried rice and used egg sheet to wrapped. On top of it, I deco with ready cut Hello Kitty nori and apples. Steam prawn dumplings/siumai and mini man-tou. Cut checker apple and arranged it. A bit disappointed with the apple as outer part seem nice but when I trim away the skin a bit damage =_=" 
A closer look ^_^ 
This is for my son's bento lunch. Argh.....the checker apple =_=" No time to cut new ones....
Hope you will like today's lunch bento and my daughter will never get bored when is Hello Kitty!!! Haha...


  1. I also like Kitty a lot so I am happy to see them and have new ideas. Nice job, as always. And apples are not so bad.

  2. I love the idea of the mantou!! heheh so cute loh. man tou is delicious, plus it is kitty mantous! no wonder your daughter keeps asking for them.

    1. hehe...thanks dear! After I started making bento for my kids, hk already became one of my favourite character! Easy to make & less work ^_^


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