Monday, 18 February 2013

Bento#Feb15~Domo-kun loved balloons!!!

I bought a loaf of two tones bread (cocoa & white). And I noticed some of the cocoa part more than the white so decided to make Domo-kun for my kids school snack bento ^_^
This pink bento box Domo-kun is for my daughter. For your info that I actually swapped the domo-kun as this is much more bigger than the other after taking pictures!! While making it didn't realize =_=" Ok, back to making....I used scissor to cut out the cocoa part for Domo-kun body. Used hand cutter domo-kun hands and boiled crab stick for mouth & teeth. Underneath Domo-kun will be red bean bun. Secured the hands with spaghetti strips or you may spread some jam/mayo etc... Then I add some balloons for Domo-kun and some grapes, marshmallow and homebaked Hello Kitty pineapple tarts ^_^
This red bento box Domo-kun is for my son. As you can see this Domo-kun smaller than the above bento :) The slices of two tones bread for cocoa part not big enough so that's the bigger size I can cut out. Everything the same as above except the balloons and pineapple tarts as piggy.
Hope you will like these two cute Domo-kun bentos ^_^ Cheers!  


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