Monday, 18 February 2013

Bento#Feb14~Blonde hair girl

Its Monday!! Today's lunch for my girl will be mini man-tou & kaya pau :) Not many ingredients as my fridge mostly frozen foods! Haha...So today's lunch will be simple!
I used oval shape cutter to cut out the cheese for face and put on top of the steamed kaya pau. Punch nori for eyes, nose & lips. Freehand cut the eyelashes. Then put some chicken floss for the girl blonde hair and cut bbq cheese using heart shape cutter for the girl dress. Just trim away the tip and put together with the girl face. Then use hand cutter to cut the cheese and arranged it. Deco with some nori partern for the dress. By the way, the white eye balls were fondants! 
When my girl saw this blonde hair girl, the first things she asked me: Mummy, why is the girl so FAT??? Gosh....
The rest of the mini man-tou, I deco the flower carrots on top and insert heart picks! Another side of the container will be sausages, cucumber and dragon fruits.
 I hope you will like this simple blonde hair girl bento ^_^ Cheers!

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  1. hahha your daughter so cute. she wants to be pretty like mummy!

    Love the idea of the chicken floss for the hair. yums too!

    1. haha...yup...she's cute!! but I thot of cover the kaya pau :p

  2. These eyes and hair are amazing! Like elements of a doll ^^. The whole set's cute and I'm amazed at how intensive the colour of dragon fruits is!

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliments!! Glad that you liked it and amazed ^_^ Too bad the dragon fruit didn't turn out sweet :)


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