Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bento#Feb13~Hello Kitty & Piggies week school holidays break ended. Tomorrow back to school and my bento diary start work again :) Kids requested to have CNY cookies for their snack bento so here I made Hello Kitty & Piggies bento for both of them ^_^
This is for my daughter's bento box. Inside this box contain : Butter bun (spread kaya for her), pineapple tarts, honey cherry tomato and grapes.
Pineapple tarts that I made as Hello Kitty. Using cookies cutter to made ^_^
Trim away the middle part for Hello Kitty face and I used Hello Kitty face puncher to punch out nori for eyes and whiskers. Cheese for nose and freehand cut the cheese out for dress. Add alphabets fondants for the dress and insert ribbon pick for Hello Kitty :) Also trim away the bun skin for Hello Kitty hands to holds the balloons.
Next, cut honey cherry tomato as heart and insert Hello Kitty picks and leaf pick for grapes. Lastly, add two cute Hello Kitty pineapple tarts ^_^
 This is for my son's bento box~Piggies~ Each piggies made from cheese and hold a heart fondants. The first pig on the left holds the heart from back and the 2nd pig also the middle pig holds in front facing us! The last pig on the right holds a heart fondant as balloon and feeling shy :p 
Piggies pineapple tarts, grapes and butter bun (spread blueberries jam).
So which bentos you like or prefer?? Hehehe...
Well, I hope you all have a great a weekend!! 

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