Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bento#Feb28~Piggy wears tutu dress dancing

Today's lunch will be tomato ham fried rice with the theme of "Piggy wears tutu dress dancing" :D Actually, I have no idea to made the pig dancing as I just add the fried seafood bean curd in the middle and put lettuce around the pig. Then I used mold to cut out small cheese to make few piggies but changed my mind to make it more cuter by adding a butt :p
I used heart shape cutter to cut out the cheese as butt and freehand cut nori for tail.  The legs also used cutter to cut the cheese and arranged it like dancing!! As for the piggy face, the middle part I covered the cheese cause it open =_=" Raisin for eyes and nose. Lettuce for tutu dress and few piggy picks as audience @.@
Sides have spring roll golden bags, honey cherry tomato, strawberry and mayo inside piggy sauce container. 
Here you go....look at lovely piggy dancing!! Hope you will like today's lunch bento for my girl ^_^  Cheers!

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