Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bento#34~My Melody sandwich

The other day bought new cookie cutter so I'm happy to use it for this bento snack ^_^ I cut out the shape from 2 pieces of whole wheat bread that you can get 4 pieces of My Melody. I combine 2 pieces shape and press out the face. To make it look exactly the same, I took some pink fondant and crush it into powder (view the picture below). To let it stick to the bread, I spread mayo first and sprinkle the pink powder to the head only. Next I cut cheese for the face and add nori for eyes and mouth. As for the nose, I used eggsheet and used small straw to make nose. The other 2 pieces I spread my girl's favourite jam and put pretty one on top. After done, I find that it didn't bring out My Melody so I cut some small strips nori and carefully spread mayo and stick to it as lines. To hold on nori, you need tweezer especially work on small details :) The ribbon and cute tiny shoes are bought from shop, is chocolate sweet. Lastly, I added cherry tomato, marshmallows and tamagoyaki ^_^
Do you like "My Melody"?? Too bad I didn't have any My Melody food picks :( I think need to purchase soon.....hahaha :D
 Here is the pink fondant I used and crushed it into powder form. And a picture of the "My Melody" cookies cutter or bread cutter ^_^ Hope you all will like this bento too!!


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