Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bento#24~Panda panda

My girl wants to bring Panda bento box for her lunch. So I'm going to make PANDA ^_^ First, I steamed some Man-tou馒头 and dumpling鸡烧麦. Add in tuna/cheese for the man-tou fillings, cut nori for the panda eyes/nose/ears/body. Boiled some red capsicum, sweet peas and small corn, so I used some red capsicum for the panda cheeks. Lastly, I used flower cutter to cut the apple & the middle part make it as checker flower.
Lovely Panda ^_^



  1. Hi.... Such a talented mum... I like your bento a lots... I am from shah alam. May I know where you got this triangle man tau? Cos supermarket man tau are round... Thanks

  2. Hi Celine :) Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for the lovely compliment. The man-tou I got it from wet market coz can't find at supermarket too! May be you can try your side of wet market :)

  3. The pink Sakura powder can find in isetan supermarket. So shame of me cos I x go wet market.. My mum use to buy for me or I buy grocery from jaya grocery...

    1. My mum used to buy for me too but after saw other people can get different stuff from wet market so I decided to go on my own :D You can ask your mum to look out for you....btw, thanks for the pink Sakura powder info but my area don't have Isetan. Will shop when I go for holidays :)


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