Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bento#Dec05~Hello Kitty Santa

Yay!!! It's Thursday and today's post will be my final lunch bento for my kids (Don't be sad) Well, I'm happy cause no need to wake up early!!! Woohoo.....
Every Friday my kids will go home early so normally I don't post any lunch bento :) This lunch bento consider final Christmas Theme bento that I made early morning before send them to school. Been raining most of the time over here so I thought of cooking porridge for lunch. 

Porridge at the bottom cover by chicken floss. I design Hello Kitty wears as Santa suits made from imitation crab stick and nori seaweed. Punch out some nori snowflakes for the santa hat and dress using two different punchers. White snowballs cut out from imitation crab stick using cutter.

Side dish: Egg roll (蛋饼) with "Roti Canai" or "Roti Prata"(印度煎饼) instead of making the dough. 
  • Frozen roti canai/prata
  • One egg (beat)
  • Spring onion (cut into small sizes)
  • Heat up non-stick pan, spray/add some oil, pan fried the roti canai/prata till golden then remove
  • Pour the beaten egg, add spring onion on top then add the cooked roti canai/prata on top
  • Carefully flip over then start to roll like making tamagoyaki

Another container contain: Persimmon, Red and Green Apple

Ta-da.... My kawaii version of Hello Kitty Santa enjoying snow falls ^_^ I hope you will like this simple lunch bento. Next week onward will be less update on posting kids bento since it will be their school term break! I will try to made some foodart or dinner bento instead. Do check out my blog post or can always grab the latest update via Instagram ^_^ Happy Holidays!!!

Bento Tools for today's bento:


  1. Love the Hello Kitty, so cute!

  2. What a lovely Hello cute indeed!

    1. Thank you Ariani for your sweet words ^_^

  3. Super cute Hello Kitty and as always, I love the apples, very creative!:)

  4. Absolutely amazing work, Karen! My daughter loves HK. This is a work of art!


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