Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bento#Dec04~Totoro Santa Bento

Do you remember my 1st Christmas theme bento that I made Hello Kitty as Reindeer using Inari? This time I made Totoro as Santa ^_^ The only sad part was I forgot to add the Totoro body strips =_=" I did add the huge mouth but my girl prefer without it ^_^ She said Totoro much cuter without it!! haha.... Well as for the Totoro body strips... I did noticed it when taking photos but I don't have time to add!! clock timer alert me to get ready to send the kids to school and I can't afford to waste the time so quickly snap and snap.....luckily managed to get few "good" sharp images ^_^ Well, I still wished to have the time.....*sigh*
Totoro : Shape the rice as oval onigiri (chicken floss fillings) and wrap with inari sheet.
Santa hat : Shape the rice as triangle and wrap with crab stick. Final touch with rice and simple        snowflake (crab stick)
White Totoro : Quail eggs, eyes made from crab stick & nori
Side dishes : Broccoli, pan-fried dumplings, carrots, crab stick as snowballs and persimmon
I hope you will like this simple Totoro Santa Christmas theme bento ^_^ Happy Wednesday to all!

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