Monday, 2 December 2013

Bento#Dec02~Snoopy Bento

Oh gosh......I can't believe it!! 2nd of December already??? Another 23 days will be Christmas Day!! Ho ho ho....
During the weekend, kids helped out to set up the Christmas tree with all the lighting and decoration at home. Looks like they are counting the days to open their Christmas gifts ^_^ So for today's lunch bento, I made Snoopy Bento :) Run out of ingredients so I made it simple design. 
A close up Snoopy head onigiri with Santa hat :p I shape the rice using cling wrap and add chicken floss fillings. Cut the crab stick and made santa hat. Nori for the eye, nose and ear. Pretty easy right? 
For side dish: Smoked duck with sweet sauce, sweet pea, eggsheet as Woodstock (Snoopy's friend) and crab stick (white) as snowflakes. 
Another container contain persimmon and apples with few Christmas foodpicks ^_^

I hope you will like today's simple Snoopy Bento design and wish you all have a wonderful Monday! By the way, this week will be the final school days week for my kids!! Yay yay.....another four days then can have our 3 weeks term break ^_^

Bento Tools for today's post:


  1. The tiny woodstocks are amazing!

  2. How cute! Amazing Woodstock. I want to make a Snoopy Christmas bento, I hope I have time when I get back.


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