Friday, 13 May 2016


09.05.16 (Monday)

Panda cuddles
My belated Mother's Day bento "Mama Panda & Baby Pandas" I simply followed the panda lunch box cover design ^_^ Pretty easy by cutting the nori detailed and filled up all the rice. Baby pandas made out of quail eggs and nori detailed. This time I added red ribbon pick for female pandas :) As for side dishes have prawns and pea sprouts.

10.05.16 (Tuesday)

Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock
On Tuesday, I made a quick and easy bento for Snoopy & Woodstock. As you can see from the above photo that Snoopy was made of rice (filled up all) Freehand scissor cut out nori detailed and Woodstock made out of egg sheet with nori detailed as well. I added some broccoli on top of Woodstock to let it stand out more better. At another container, I prepared one piece of chicken katsu cut into few bite size, broccoli, honey cherry tomato and some seedless grapes.

11.05.16 (Wednesday)

Sheep Bento
 Baa baa..... white sheep bento for my daughter's Wednesday lunch box. I mixed little bit of dark sweet sauce with rice for the sheep face/ears. The fur made out of cauliflower that I filled up on top of the rice. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed and how I wished my eyelashes can be as long as the sheep lashes :p Side dishes have gyoza, carrots and oranges.

12.05.16 (Thursday)

Puppies sausages
 On Thursday, I cooked simple stir-fried noodles for her lunch and add on sausages on top into puppies designed. Puppies ears made out of oval shaped fishballs and nori for all the face detailed. All the tiny flowers were cut out from the crabstick and side dishes have baby bok choy (chinese cabbage) and slices of orange


  1. Your Mama Panda is so cute! ^^ The stir-fried noodles looks so good!


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