Friday, 7 March 2014

Hello Kitty Spaghetti Lunch

It's Friday ^_^ I love Friday because don't have to wake up early to cooked for their lunch bento so usually will bring them out for lunch after pick them up from school. Seldom update my blog post on Friday unless I made food art :) Well, today after school asked them what they want for lunch? Perhaps time consuming due to late afternoon have tuition so we can't spend too much time on waiting for foods!!! I decided to go home and cook something simple & easy......spaghetti!!! Haha....

Here's the close up photo ^_^ Just love the natural outdoor sunlight....too bad I can't have it during the early morning bento photo takings =_=" So what's inside?? No meat but seafood allowed on Friday that we normally eat as a Catholic :) In this spaghetti, I cooked fresh button mushroom with broccoli and cheese as well tomato pasta paste :) Toast some Hello Kitty wheat bread and furnish with pasley and tomato roses. Bon-appetit!

Ta-da.....homecooked spaghetti for today ^_^ This portion too little for my daughter....mainly for photo taking!! Hahaha....

Happy Weekend to all!!!


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