Monday, 10 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar10~Pray For MH370

Been following the Malaysia airline MH370 missing news since Saturday....prayers and hope until today and I can't think of any idea but PRAY images in my for today's bento lunch just a simple design of a girl praying....

Here is the closer look of the little girl cut out from nori but first I draw on a baking paper then scissor cut out together with nori seaweed. I mixed two different rice flavour, the heart shape rice mixed with tomato ketchup and use heart shape mould to shape it. The brown rice mixed with sweet dark sauce and add around the heart shape rice. But after I pressed evenly, noticed that the heart shape didn't stand out so I add broccoli surround the heart ^_^ Lastly, I add yellow (eggsheet) & red (crabstick) hearts.

Side dishes: Broccoli, sausages, button mushroom, beancurd wrap, apple carving and strawberry. Balance cut out heart eggsheet (don't waste) and crabstick (heart)

Prayers for HOPE, LOVE for MH370 and family members. Have a nice Monday! Hugs!!

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