Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar11~Roti Canai HK

Anybody like Indian pancake called "Roti Canai"? My family love it but we don't eat often ^_^ This roti canai not homebake (bought frozen pack) cause I'm not good at it! The last time I made was very long ago....gosh I think have not married yet!!! Haha....Well, perhaps when I'm in the mood or free will let my kids have fun ^_^

Fold two pieces of the roti canai into rectangle shape to form Hello Kitty face. Freehand scissor nori cut for HK face features by adding mayo to stick on. Cheese for nose and strawberry for flower & ribbon (use hk cutter)

My girl prefers her roti canai with sugar instead of curry ^_^ Stick hk ring into the strawberry for pretty decoration :)

Yummy Hello Kitty roti canai that I hope can brighten up your day!! Happy Tuesday!



  1. This reminds me of roti prata :) a true blue kitty fan that can turn something like this into kitty! :) hehe

  2. We love roti canai and this is the CUTEST I have ever seen!:)


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