Friday, 15 March 2013

Bento#March15~Arlene the St. Patrick's Day

This coming Sunday 17th March will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day! It is also known as feast day. I made this bento dinner for my girl and will join the linked at Bento Blog Network and Bento USA ^_^ Do check out for more wonderful St. Patrick's bentos from the links below!
I made Garfield's girlfriend~Arlene~ The pink coloured was cooked rice mixed with beetroot juice. Shape the onigiri with cling wrap and freehand cut nori for details. Crabstick for Arlene thick lips and add nori for the details. Freehand cut nori for St. Patrick's hat, add cheese for strip and stick on top of the crabstick then arrange on Arlene (Now looking at the photo, I should have add a nori clover to the cheese) Next to her will be "Gold Coins Pot" that made from cheese and nori. Before I cut the nori, used puncher shamrock/clover to punch first then only freehand cut the shape of pot. The pot actually was squid stuffed with rice that I wanted to tried out for dinner :)
Pan-fried salmon, stir-fried french beans/baby corns/mushroom, some grapes and mandarin oranges. Bird Shamrock/Clover sauce container filled with ketchup. I hope you will like this Arlene Bento dinner and I missed out adding the clover picks =_=" My girl was hungry and rushing me to finished quick!
Have a great weekend to all..... Cheers!
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  1. This one really made me smile!!

  2. Oh my... this loooks exactly like Arlene :) great depiction! nice nori work too!

  3. So cute Arlene looks ready to party


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