Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bento#March17~I love Kitty-Chan

Last Friday my hubby went to collect Hello Kitty knitting done by my dear friend. She did so many knitting for table cloth/baby wears/baby booty etc....I can't resist myself each time saw her handworks so I requested  her to made one for me!!! She's so sweet to finished knitting the exact size to nicely fit with my bento photo takings ^_^ I'm so touched and thanks my dear!
Well.... to match with her knitting, I made Kitty-Chan theme bento snack :)
Let me showed you her wonderful handwork knitting ^_^ Lovely and adorable right? Hehehe....
Underneath Kitty-Chan I spread peanut butter sandwich. Bought some custard spongecakes from bakery shop and transform them to Kitty-Chan ^_^ I used HK puncher to punch the nori for details and add ribbon picks! Some raisin inside the HK sauce container and filled up the holes with lettuce.
Some Korean strawberries and blueberries. HK candies for my girl and share with her friend as I only allowed her to have one candy but some times end up she gave to her friends :)
I hope you will like this simple bento snack and won't be bored looking at Hello Kitty theme often :p Hugs and cheers!


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