Monday, 18 March 2013

Bento#March18~I Love Panda

Yesterday Kitty-Chan, today made Panda ^_^ Simple lunch bento for them as they will get bored with rice or noodles so once awhile I will made simple ones :)
I steamed some empty pau then add chicken floss fillings inside. While steaming, I boiled some broccoli, carrots and sausages as well made tamagoyaki. After done all, I arranged the Pandas pau and used Panda puncher to punch nori for the details. Lastly, arranged the rest to the bento box.
I put some grapes, blueberries and extra chicken floss to the panda sauce container. My girl will bring two panda bento boxes due to the bigger panda bento box not enough room for fruits =_=" 
Well, hope you will like this simple Panda bento lunch ^_^ Cheers!


  1. everything matches so well. The panda cup, panda baos! heheh

    so cute!

    empty buns? no filling? like mantou?

    1. Got fiiling!! I stated at the post after steamed added chicken floss inside ^_^

      Thanks dear!


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