Monday, 17 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar17~Kuromi Bento

It's Monday again!! Week by week seem so fast and now my daughter will request what she wants for her lunch bento ^_^ I don't have to think much now but just sketched it out. Last night, she passed me mini Kuromi toy for me to displayed together with today's bento. (I removed it after photo takings).

Kuromi is another Sanrio character. White rabbit-like creature, wearing black Jester's hat with pink skull (hmm.... I skipped) and a black devil tail (hmm...kinda dislike the "devil" word). I draw Kuromi on baking paper then scissor cut together with nori. After cut out Kuromi lay on cheese. Freehand scissor cut for eyes and punch out nori lip. For the red dots, I used straw to poke out from crabstick. The rice, I mixed with black sesame powder and cut out "KUROMI" words from kombu.  Lastly, I add angel wings picks for Kuromi to have the good side instead of the evil side due to the tail & skull :D Hahaha..

For side dishes: Sweet drummets, broccoli, cauliflower, lemon slices and apple as leaf.

I hope you will like today's Kuromi Bento. Happy Monday!

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