Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb27~Hinamatsuri Obento

On March 3rd will be Hinamatsuri also called as Doll's Day or Girl's Day that is a special day in Japan. Last year I made few designed of Hinamatsuri Bento (will shared the links at the end of this post) so this year might as well made few designed too ^_^ Today's Hinamatsuri Obento lunch ideas from Pinterest. I assumed from one of the Japanese mum as I can't find the links on the picture. I loved this idea and pretty easy to made :) I just made some changes on the Emperess fan.

Here's the close look of the Emperor made of onigiri (rice mixed with green furikake and chicken floss fillings) holding a ritual baton made of brocoli stem. Nori for deatils and red food gel for cheeks.

Here's the close look of the Empress made of onigiri (Mizkan sushi pink mixed with rice and chicken floss fillings) holding a fan made of crabstick (use straw to cut the holes) Nori for the details and red food gel for cheeks.

I hope you will like my today's Hinamatsuri Obento. Have a great day!

Last Year 2013 Hinamatsuri Obento 


  1. Lovely Hinamatsuri bento! :) Love the fan details too!

  2. What a lovely bento, I love all of the detailing!:)

  3. Love your bento, I am also looking at doing something for hinamasturi, but I will probably just take out the dolls, as I am too busy these days!

    Anyway, I will follow you for more inspiration!!


    1. Hi Alessandra! Thank you so much for the visit & follow. Hope that my bento will continue inspire you :)

      Btw, love the outlooked of your blog with yummy foods!!

  4. Where do you get hte picks?

    1. Hi, if not mistaken bought from 100 yen shop :)


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