Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr14~Little My & Moomin

Today's simple lunch I make sushi rolls. Lack of motivation to follow the sushi foodart recipe book =_=" So just create simple one for their lunch :p To make it nice, I add Little My & Moomin using cheese for decoration on top of the sushi rolls.
For my sushi rolls, I mix the rice with furikake, Japanese cucumber, tamagoyaki, maoyannaise and nori.
For Little My & Moomin, I freehand scissor cut out nori for all the details and trim out the cheese with toothpick.
*Note: To cut out the nori, I use trim eyebrow scissor. You may view the tools HERE.
Along the side dish just cut out pan-fried chicken fillet (I use chicken breast marinate with soy sauce, cornflour then pan-fried it by dipping the egg wash & breadcrumbs)
Some grapes (my girl never get bored with grapes and my son prefers oranges) I pack sushi rolls for my son as well except with decoration :D

Hope you like today's sharing ^_^ Have a lovely day! 

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