Monday, 13 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr13~My Melody Mashed Potato

Kids request for fried rice so I cooked tomato egg fried rice ^_^ To create a theme, I use mashed potato to make My Melody as decoration since I'm using the Melody lunch box. I prefer to follow the lunch box character unless the box is plain then I will create other theme.
Arrange the tomato egg fried rice into the box first then add My Melody mashed potato on top. I mix some sakura denbu and little bit of ketchup together with the mashed potato to create pink touch. Shape it by using hands (wet hands) then add the original mashed potato as face. Punch out some nori eyes/mouth and cheese for nose. Lastly, I add some broccoli to brings out My Melody more stunning ^_^ 
For side dishes have broccoli, meat patties and oranges.
I hope you like this My Melody bento and pretty easy to create simple cartoon by using mashed potato. Have fun making when you've potatoes at home :)

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