Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr02~Easter Kumamon

This will be final Easter Bento because next week my kids will have their mid term school holidays break and that will be my bento break as well ^_^ I'm counting the days..... hahaha.... not to said I dislike to make bento but I just want to have a longer sleep without morning call at 5.45am =_="

Back to my easter bento, I make Kumamon Bento with mama chick and baby chicks for easter theme. 
To create Kumamon, just add rice onto the box and I sprinkle some furikake on top before I cover with seaweed. I use Kumamon cutter to cut out the cheese details and finish up with ketchup for cheeks ^_^ Also make two ears for Kumamon by freely using toothpick to cut out the cheese.
Mama chick make of scallop fishcake, nori and carrot. 
Baby chick make of tamagoyaki, nori and carrot.
Some prawns and pea sprout for side dishes.
Grapes as dessert.
Here is the Kumamon cutter set that I've use. Bought it during my Japan trips ^_^

I hope you like this simple Easter Kumamon Bento.


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  1. This is so cute! Happy Easter and have a good break!


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