Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bento2015#Apr01~Easter Baymax Monbento

My 2nd Easter Theme bento using Monbento Lunch box. I make Baymax because is pretty easy and I don't have to design the nori details ^_^ 
Here is Baymax close up. Just shape two rice balls for head and body. Then shapes another two arms. Baymax holds a huge easter egg make of hard boiled egg with carrot decoration (I trim it small oval shape as I don't have quail eggs at home). Along the side have broccoli and some small easter eggs make of carrot, button mushroom and cheese.
For side dishes have chicken fillets, yam samosa and grapes. 

monbento bentos & accessories


  1. Super cute Baymax! Love this idea!

  2. 好可爱的Baymax!!真让人开心啊~❤


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