Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct02~Piggies Family

Overnight chicken rice from last night so I reheat this morning to made today's Piggies Family theme bento ^_^ When my daughter saw it and she was asking me who are these two (quail eggs piggies)? Then she answered: Ah....they're my cousins!!! That's why they looked different ^_^ hahaha....she's so cute and I didn't think of that by just making as many as possible to fit in the lunchbox :D 

Here is the closer look of the Piggies Family ^_^ Shape two big onigiri and followed by two small onigiri. The pink colour is made from kamaboko and I just add different nori expression for each piggies except one of the piggy was showing off the butt :p Since there is still room for another two piggies so I add the quail eggs together to join in the family!!

For side dishes contains gyoza, potato wedges and mini grapes.

Oink-oink....hope you like this lovely piggies family ^_^ Have a blessed Thursday! And next week Monday will be a Public Holiday over here so mummy won't be making any bento! 


  1. I love the one facing the opposite way! Adorable!

  2. LOL, ur little princess is too cute!^^
    Love all the piggies, they are sooo cute!

    1. yes she's my happy go lucky girl ^_^ Thank you 婉婉!

  3. Very adorable piggies! Hope you had an enjoyable long weekend!


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