Thursday, 6 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb06~Pucca Kisses

Anybody like PUCCA character?? If I don't learn to packed bento lunches for my kids.....I think until today I don't know who is she =_=" Well, I wanted to made Garu & Pucca for Valentine's Day theme that I saw from a picture but I think is not suitable for my daughter to bring to school so I made Pucca Kisses instead ^_^ 

A closer look of PUCCA <3 Underneath the minced beef is rice and I shaped PUCCA using cling wrap. Don't need any tools for shaping her ^_^ Simple ingredients for PUCCA: rice, nori & crabstick.

Side dishes: sweet corn, okra, carrot and grapes.

Simple and pretty PUCCA kyaraben ^_^I hope you will like it. Hugs & kisses...... 

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