Monday, 10 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb10~Hello Kitty Love~

Love in the air....... Today's lunch post will be Hello Kitty Love that I find it very easy to made ^_^ Don't need a mould to shape Hello Kitty face and save a lot of time by just adding the rice onto the bento box. I hope you will like it.

Actually I wanted to used this bento box to filled up the rice as Kitty-chan face but noticed that my broccoli have no space to add for another bento box =_=" Oh well, so idea changed and I think it turn out pretty good ^_^  Simple ingredients: Rice, kombu, crabstick, broccoli. For Kitty-chan whiskers, I used Cutezcute cutter. As for the eyes & bow, I used Hello Kitty bread mould.

For side dishes: Chicken wrap seaweed, prawn, carrots (heart), crabstick (balance), grapes & blueberries.

I hope this Hello Kitty Love bento can brighten up your Monday blues......Hugs!!! 


  1. Yes I think it turned out awesome! So sweet !

    1. Thanks my dear for continuous visiting my blog & supports! Appreciate :)


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