Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb11~Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty

Yesterday my daughter showed me the Hello Kitty poster from one of the magazine. So I did a simple sketched and make used of the quail eggs as Hello Kitty theme ^_^ Yup....another Sanrio character after yesterday posts :p Well, my daughter won't get bored of it :)

  • Dear Daniel & Hello Kitty : quail egg, nori, crabstick. 
  • Heart shape background : Furikake sprinkle comes with flowers
  • Accessories : Cap, red ribbon & flower picks.
For side dishes: Monbento sauce container contain ketchup, gyoza, edamame, beancurd roll with carrot & long bean. Blueberries & grapes as well ^_^

I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post!! Hugs!!


  1. I am sure she loved her lunch. So cute!

    1. Yes yes!!!! She loves it so much ^_^ Thanks dear Shirley!

  2. I'm absolutely speechless! Soooo cute. Please don't show your bento to my daugther. =P

    1. hahaha.....oh why can't show?? I'm honored to received your kind words talented Nami ^_^


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