Saturday, 11 May 2013

Bento#May11~Hello Kitty Pasta Meal daughter still not feeling well :( Her fever kept on went up and down....luckily she still active but if the fever high temperature she will sleep and I got to wipe her body....hopefully she speedy recovery.
So for today's lunch meal, she requested pasta, I cooked Hello Kitty Pasta for her and transform the fish oval shape balls into Hello Kitty ^_^ Carrots were too small so the HK shape a bit out :p 
Simple HK soup pasta for her. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all mummies!
On the left Rose Origami folded by my son and on the right Carnation Flower Card done by my daughter with some helped from me! Haha...she said gor gor哥哥 (meaning brother) gave roses and she wants to make a card for me. So sweet of them but I prefer my daughter gets well soon so that we can celebrate tomorrow!!


  1. I am sure with all your love and the wonderful kitty meal, she will be well and up soon! take care!

  2. sounds like viral fever to me. but as long as she is still active, should be ok by 5 days. :)

    1. Thanks dear ^_^ She's back to school!!


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