Monday, 13 May 2013

Bento#May13~Spaghetti Lunch Bento

Today's lunch box is for my son due to my daughter last night still feverish so today she rest at home. I cooked tomato with ham spaghetti and I want to add sunny up egg but seem unsuccessful. The yolk not nice so I cover with cheese :p And the egg white so didn't drop off smoothly =_=" Gosh....Anyway, if you like to see the pretty sunny up egg. Click HERE that I did a step by step last time.
Cut some kiwi fruits, strawberries for dessert and also add airfry smiley potato.
Simple lunch bento for him and guess what my son told me after he saw his bento. He said: "Mummy, after you take the pictures, I eat the top cheese for my breakfast". Haha....he really can't accept cute stuff :D

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