Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bento#April18~Hello Kitty MakiSushi

Today's lunch bento I wanted to made My Melody Maki sushi but end up Hello Kitty Maki Suhsi =_='' Sigh.......due to not enough furikake for the pink coloured to made My Melody's ear. I saw LittleMissOnigiri from Shirley's blog that she made My Melody Makisushi. So thought can made....I did try to mixed with ketchup for the ears but look weird!! Oh well.....Hello Kitty also my girl's favourite so changed it and you can noticed that Hello Kitty face have missing ears! Hahaha....
A closer look of Kitty-chan makisushi. I just used puncher to punch out nori and add all the details. The nose is egg sheet and dip little bit of mayo :) Finished up with red ribbon pick!
As for sides, I prepare sweet corn, broccoli, air-fryer potato prawn, plum kamaboko and apple made from crabstick/nori/eggsheet.
I hope you will like this Hello Kitty Makisushi and will try out Shirley's Melody one of the days! Cheers! 

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