Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bento#April17A~Hello Kitty Dango

 I remember Little Miss Onigiri from Shirley's blogspot did Pretty Hello Kitty Dango Kyaraben. Check out her amazing blog!! So I thought of making Hello Kitty Dango for my girl too! A different version using fishballs to make Dango :p 
First, I spread strawberry and chocolate on top of whole wheat bread then put inside the bento. Is two pieces whole wheat bread but I just spread the top coat. To made Hello Kitty Dango, just insert all three fishballs to Damgo pick and finished all the nori details! I used Hello Kitty puncher to punch out nori. The nose was egg sheet and balance egg sheet, I used Hello Kitty cutter to cut out faces and decorate at the sides. Insert red bow pick to secure :) 
 Honey cherry tomato and grapes at leaf pick and I boiled mini Tang Yuen to made small Hanami Dango :p I add some raisin inside Hello Kitty sauce container.
I hope you will like this simple Hello Kitty Dango for snack bento. Cheers!


  1. It is so cute! Love this. And such a good idea to use mini tang yuen on the side!


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