Monday, 7 January 2013

Bento#Jan05~My Melody & Piano the sheep

Today school lunch for my girl~My Melody~ She chooses the My Melody bento box so I'm making this simple one for her. Thanks to the ready cut nori that save me a lot of time ^_^ If you want to know how's the packet looks like can view my previous post HERE.(Click the red wording)
I make one big egg sheet and wrap the fried rice. Put the My Melody nori on top. Simple and pretty right? 
As for the other container, I tried to cut the apple as My Melody. Hmm....still can be improve for the cutting. Next to the apple, I just arrange the cucumber, prawn and inari skin.
When my girl saw her lunch this morning, she can't wait to eat! Haha....I hope you too will like this simple bento lunch :)
Well, this is for my son lunch~Piano the sheep~ This time, he allowed me to add this cute sheep at his bento but he said will eat the sheep first before any of his friends see!! 
I sprinkles mixed seaweed surround the cooked rice and just add Piano the sheep in the middle. This character nori is the same packet as My Melody. 
The other side dishes were the same but I add chicken drumstick for my son. Checker apple, flower eggsheet and cucumber.
Happy Bento-ing to those of you making bento for your little ones at home or your loved ones :) Cheers! 
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  1. Very cute! My daughter loves My Melody!

    1. Thanks Diana ^_^ My Melody also one of my daughter favorites :)


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