Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bento#Jan04~Two different bunnies

Its Sunday and as usual I will prepared bento snack for my girl for her tomorrow school break time ^_^ This bento snack after done will keep in the fridge then next morning before send them to school will pack to cooler/warmer bag. Why do it today not tomorrow morning? Due to my kids school hour morning I need to cook bento lunch for them so don't think I can cope with 2 bento snacks and 2 bento lunches within 1 hour unless I wake up super early =_=" Oh well, I've been doing this way for 2 years so stick to it ^_^ For those of you don't have to packed two bentos in a day, can always prepare on the same day.
First, I bought some mochi with two different shapes. I cut the rectangle shape mochi into half to be as bunny ears and the square shape mochi as bunny face. Use shape cutter to cut the cheese for eyes, ears and lips. Insert a ribbon pick so looks more like a female bunny >_<
The other bunny, I used bunny egg mould to shape the bread with jam fillings inside. If you want to know how I shape it? Please refer from the step by step under Star shape mould bread. Just used one side of the egg mould to pressed the bread. Slowly spread some jam or chocolate for the bunny features but I find it a bit messy after spreading :p
Cut honey cherry tomato half and insert cheese in between then secure with heart picks.
Next, bunnies honeydew!!! Same way of making by using bunny cookies cutter mould ^_^ Each bunnies with lovely picks.
Hope you all will like this bento snack :) Cheers! 

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