Friday, 19 February 2016

Bento2016#Feb19~Back to school bento

GongXiFaCai! Still in CNY moods and kids back to school this week ^_^ I'm back to my bento routine....yawn* Hopefully I can continue maintain my blog and one day when my kids grown up will bring back the sweet memories <3

Day 1: 15/2/16 (Monday)

Lots of PANDAS
After one week of bento break, I always will think of panda due to sleepy and dark circle :D So here I shaped the panda with cling wrap instead of using panda rice mould. Freehand scissor cut out the panda nori details and quite easy even though not using the panda rice mould set. Give it a try if you don't have any panda rice mould set. 
For side dishes have broccoli, half of the hard boiled egg (another half for my son's bento), panda chicken wrapped and some carrots. 

Day 2: 16/02/2016 (Tuesday)

Bear Mashed Potatoes
 I cooked some soba noodles (bought at organic store) that my girl requested. To make my bento cute, I added the mashed potatoes shaped as bear. Freehand scissor cut out the nori eyes and punched out the mouth detailed. Lastly, I added some cute food picks to let it stands out.

Day 3: 17/02/2016 (Wednesday)

Bonbonribbon Vs. My Melody
On this day I made Bonbon ribbon vs My Melody since my girl loves both of these Sanrio characters. Wonder which characters you like the most among these two? To made the rice pink, I added pink sakura denbu (bought local store that selling Japan goods). Immitation crabstick for the ribbon/flower. As for side dishes have drummets, pea sprouts and mashed potatoes (top coat with mayo and parsley flakes).

Day 4: 18/02/16 (Thursday)

Bought another type of noodles from organic store. It's pumpkin noodles ^_^ This is simple designed and pretty easy to prepared. Hello Kitty face features made of kambu, carrots for flower and ribbon (I used hello kitty cutter). Some broccoli to made the divider, gyozas and tangerines with little touched up with nori :)

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