Friday, 26 February 2016

Bento2016#Feb26~Hinamatsuri/Baymax/LineFriends/Hello Kitty

Update my weekly bento ^_^ Hope you all have a good week ahead.

Day 1: 22/02/2016 (Monday)

Hinamatsuri HK
Making my first Hinamatsuri bento for the upcoming "Doll Festival: on 3 March 2016 ^_^ As usual Hello Kitty will be on my list-to-do ^_^ Shaped the rice ball using cling wrap. Dear Daniel as Emperor and Helo Kitty as Empress, I wrapped up with cabbage Leaf/Choy Sum小白菜 for Dear Daniel and carrot as ritual baton whereas Hello Kitty holding a fan made of nori with eggsheet.

Side dishes have pandan chicken wrap, carrots, broccoli and yam samosa.

Day 2: 23/02/2016 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday will be less food so I cooked simple fried rice and added Baymax made of mashed potatoes. Since I have extra time so I cut out alphabet cheese using cutter.

Day 3: 24/02/2016 (Wednesdy)

Line Brown & Line Cony
Do you hug your loved ones often or everyday? Please do it and cherish one another everyday ^_^ I made these couple set Line Brown & Line Cony for Wednesday bento. To made Line Brown simply mix some dark sweet sauce to the rice get brown colour rice. Cling wrap will be good choice to shape up the character. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed and ketchup for the final touched up on the cheeks and Cony ears.

As for side dishes have pan-fried chicken nuggets, pan-fried potato spun prawn, shimeji mushroom and some pea sprouts.

Day 4: 25/02/2016 (Thursday)

Hello Kitty X Line Brown I wished that I lived in Taiwan so that I can collect the 7-11 Hello Kitty X Line Friends Sets =_=" Click HERE to view the event but sadly has over..... After I posted my Line Brown & Cony at my IG account and sweet friend of mine Alfani @fan1388 mentioned about the 7-11 Taiwan HK x Line Friends Collabration Sets! Thanks to her that I know what to make for my next day bento :D

Well I made HK x Brown first since I can't squeeze two onigiri into the bento box ^_^ As usual brown rice (dark sweet sauce + rice) onigiri then Kitty-chan (white rice) combined together using cling wrap. Side dishes have sesame chicken, broccoli, crabsick, eggsheet and oborotsuki

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