Friday, 5 February 2016

Bento2016#Feb05~Miffy, Girl, Baymax & Rilakkuma

Yay! Two more days is Lunar New Year and this week will be my final week to made bento for my kids. I hope you will like my bento creations ^_^

Day 1: 1/2/16 (Monday)

Miffy's Love Letter
 On Monday, I made Miffy using the cookie cutter as outline ^_^ It's simple and quick when you have cookie cutters at home. Simply filled up the rice and add the nori details. Crabstick for red dress, broccoli and meat floss at background. Underneath is rice as well and side dishes have broccoli, fish roll crabstick and the chicken herbs inside the foil (store bought)

Day 2: 2/2/16 (Tuesday)

Shopping Girl
 On Tuesday, I made shopping girl ^_^ I think majority ladies will love window shopping, perhaps including the man as well who knows :D Well, I have some cookie cutters for the handbag, shoe (dress & hat but I didn't use cut the eggsheet out) to matched the shopping girl theme bento. The dress is made out of milk cabbage奶白菜and perfectly pretty as a dress :) Eggsheet for hair details and I added nori for extra touched.

Day 3: 3/2/16 (Wednesday)

Since CNY is coming soon, I created my 3rd CNY Theme bento. I made Baymax wears samfu and wished "gong xi fa cai" for the upcoming CNY :D Looking smart and handsome right? Haha.... The "福" nori wording was punched out using puncher (I can't remembered bought from where) Side dishes have bean curd with minced meat, broccoli and button mushroom.

Day 4: 4/2/16 (Thursday)
Rilakkuma & Friends
On Thursday, my darling girl requested for noodles so I stir-fried some organic charcoal noodles for her lunch. To made Rilakkuma & Friends, I used rice to made since much easier :) As usual Rilakkuma in brown rice (dark sweet sauce + rice), Korilakkuma in white rice and Kiiroitori made of cheese (carrot as beak). Side dishes have spinach and spring rolls. 

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  1. Your Miffy is sooo cute :D I made so many shopping this week that your shopping girl bento is my favorite :3 And I love your Rilakkuma bento box!


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