Friday, 29 January 2016

Bento2016#Jan29~My CNY Bento

Time flies so fast another week passed and soon the Lunar Chinese New Year just around the corner ^_^ So this week bento sharing I started to create some CNY Bento and hope you like enjoy and like them.

Day 1: 26.01.16 (Tuesday)

Hello Kitty Monkey Costume
Monday is a public holiday so I didn't make any bento since no school ^_^ On Tuesday, I started to create my 1st CNY bento and since is the year of Monkey why not let Hello Kitty wears Monkey Costume to celebrate this upcoming CNY. I know my daughter will love it :D 

To made brown rice as monkey, I add some sweet dark sauce and mixed with rice. Shape the head, body, arms, ears and legs. The white kitty-chan face just shaped a thin layer of rice and lay on top of the monkey head. Next create the cheese face featured for monkey and nori detailed.

As for side dished have spinach, bitter gourd with egg and prawn potato.

Day 2: 27.01.16 (Wednesday)
Sleepy Pandas
On Wednesday bento will be sleepy pandas =_=" Felt so sleepy that day so all I could think of was PANDA!!! Is pretty easy to create since I've the panda rice mould and panda nori mould to create the detailed. So basically I just spend time on cooking the eggplant (pan-fried) and meat patties (pan-fried). I did packed a small container for the grapes but forgot to take picture :(

Day 3: 28.01.16 (Thursday)

Little Girl GONG XI FA CAI
On Thursday, I made 2nd CNY Bento creations ^_^ This round I thought of made some Tangerines since oranges in Chinese sound like the "gold" hence it has an auspicious meaning to bring in good luck and wealth. So I made the tangerines using mashed sweet potato to create them and to made it cuter I add little girl holds one tangerine :) I should have made her dress in red qipao Cheongsam then will looked nicer :D Oh well, I didn't thought of it that day.....

As for side dishes have spinach, fishballs and potato croquette.

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