Friday, 22 January 2016


Updating my 2nd week bento here ^_^ Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Day 1: 18th Jan 2016 Monday
Gudetama made of sunny-side up egg and I freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed. Underneath is rice and covered up by the egg, pea sprouts and pandan chicken wrapped. 

 Day 2: 19th Jan 2016 Tuesday

Happy Owl
Pink owl made of sakura denbu mixed with rice and shaped it using cling wrap. I followed the image from Owl bento cover. Side dishes have carrot flowers, spinach, chicken nugget, edamame and fish tofu.

Day 3: 20th Jan 2016 Wednesday

Girl Bento
I'm using NudeFoodMovers bento box to create this girl bento ^_^ I filled up the rice and arranged the pea sprout as hair. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for the face detailed. Side dishes have chicken curry, tamagoyaki and some grapes.

Day 4: 21st Jan 2016 Thursday

Spirited Away Chihiro

When was the last time I made Chihiro? Hmm......should be few years back :p I filled up the rice and covered with seaweed. Freehand scissor cut out Chihiro detailed and I used cheese as face. Body (red) made of crabstick. I just looked at the Chihiro picture and freely cut it out. So please do have a picture of Chihiro for the foodart but it's better result if you trace it then cut out from the baking sheet with seaweed together. So basically my Chihiro little different from the actual Google Image :D Click HERE for my older post Chihiro that I made few years back.


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