Monday, 24 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb24~Chococat Bento

It's another Monday.....time passed so fast!!! 

I tried to made different Sanrio characters so saw this Chococat simply too cute and easy to made ^_^ Perhaps some of you already knew Chococat. I think start to love this cute black cat!! Haha... Well, today's lunch bento is fried mee hoon that I covered up with eggsheet so that I can put Chococat on top.

Here is the closer look of Chococat made from nori seaweed. First, I draw on baking paper then scissor cut out together with nori. Apply some mayonnaise so that the nori can stick onto the eggsheet. For Chococat eyes were crabstick and eyeballs were kombu. Decorate some carrot flower at the side.

For side dishes: Air-fry drummets, broccoli and apple carved as leaf :)

Ta-da....I hope you will like today's Chococat Bento!! Happy Monday to all :)   


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