Thursday, 20 February 2014

Bento2014#Feb20~Miffy Bento

Today's bento lunch I cooked shell pasta with tomato mushroom sauce. Simple Miffy tamagoyaki designed since I'm using Miffy Thermos lunch box ^_^ I know today dishes will used up much time so I tried to made it as simple as I could with less details :p

Here is my close up look MIFFY ^_^ After cooked the shell pasta & tomato pasta sauce, I poured the sauce first then covered with shell pasta. Next, I arrange the mushroom at the side and cut out tamagoyaki, put on the middle. Punch out nori seaweed for the eyes & mouth then finished with cute ribbon & carrot pick.

For side dishes: broccoli, prawn and pan-fry salmon. At another container will contain some mandarin oranges.

I hope you will like my Miffy bento lunch and also hope you all have a Happy Thursday! Hugs!


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