Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bento#March12A~Beary visitng Bunny

After work quickly baked a simple cake for my kids bento snack ^_^ I thought my cabinet have enough cake flour to make this wonderful recipe cake from 小小米桶的写食厨房 author. In the end, I used one cake recipe to divided into two small cakes :p Please don't followed my way as I want to try out this recipe so much but lack of cake flour!! I'll try again some other days....hehehe.....
Not many design for this bento snack! I just arranged the cakes into Elmo bento box. Add cute bear pick that sponsor by Bento Berries. Next I used bear cutter to cut out cocoa cake and add face features using cutter to cut cheese. Lastly, I punch paws print using puncher to showed that little white bear going to visit bunny :)
Cocoa cake on top add some white bunny pick, tree, house and mushroom. I used the same face features cutter to cut the cheese then only used bunny cutter to cut the shape and put on top of the cocoa cake. 
Some grapes and marshmallows. Simple bento snack! I hope you will like it too! Cheers!


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