Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bento#March12~Easter Rilakkuma Bunny

Today's lunch will be noodles, followed by Easter theme bento ^_^ I'm making Rilakkuma wears buuny costume and a basket of Easter eggs :p
Bunny costume made from crab stick, freehand penknife cut. Rilakkuma made from cheese and I used toothpick to trim out the head and body. Next, add on top of bunny costume and add nori for the details. As for the basket, I used kamaboko as basket and the pink part as handle. Add edamame inside the basket and put some outside at the noodles. Cut strips nori and add on the basket.
No time for kiiroitori bunny so just add picks! Some sausages, ketchup inside the sauce container and strawberry/mandarin oranges. Also one peach shape pau! I steamed some of it cause is my son 12th birthday today. Later in the evening will try to update his Rilakkuma Birthday cake that I've ordered. Why not mummy bake? Simple one I can but not good at design cake so.....let the expert do the job!! Haha....
Hope you will like today's lunch bento ^_^ Cheers!  
Here comes the "Rilakkuma" Birthday cake for my son. I ordered from bakery shop and we had a wonderful blessed celebration! Hugs!


  1. which bakery shop did u order from for the rilakkuma cake

    1. Hello Davin, are you from Johor Bahru Malaysia? The cake ordered from Monnlight Cake http://moonlightcake.com/


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