Friday, 31 August 2012

Bento#05~Apple with cute worm

Star shape sandwiches :) And home made jelly using hello kitty mould. Add some apple & flower shape pasta for decorate the bento. I managed to took some pictures of the making. Hope you all will like it ^^

1) Add fillings between the 2 slices of corn/carrot bread.
2) Big star shape cutter to cut out both slices of yellow bread.
3) Next the apple, you need to cut the apple shape first. Make sure is in the middle.
4) Used the same apple cutter to cut out from cucumber.
5) Put the white bread on top of the yellow bread then add in strawberry jam & cucumber for the stem.
6) Crabmeat for worm, use the cutter or freehand trim out will do the same.
7) For the eyes, I used nori puncher.
8) To make as the worm eatting the apple, I add in the small bread.

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