Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bento#04~McDonald Hello Kitty Lion

Another Hong Kong McDonald Hello Kitty~Lion costume~ Actually after I've done the bento & took picture...still didn't notice I forgot to add ribbon!! Until when I view from my pc saw something is missing :( Oh well....too late to add the ribbon so I edit it with photoscape. Pardon me for the fake ribbon :p Back to how I make hello kitty? I used white bread for kitty face & paw. Check out the step by step below:
First I cut out the oval shape from a pancake then same method with white bread. As you can see from the picture, I put the kitty white face into the pancake. Then I trim out the whole body. Next the paws. As for the orange part, I used cooked carrot to cut out the legs & costume collar. Add in all the details with boiled seaweed or dry seaweed also can. As for the lion fur, I used inari (sweet beancurd skin) to make it. Bottom of the hello kitty lion, I put in the left over inside, arrange it properly :) As you can see from the last picture was without the ribbon :( Anyway, my daughter still like her bento ^^

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